‘beguiling delightful and outstanding… a debut album which delivers on every level…’

Thanks to Andy McMillan in Bright Young Folk for my first review

Thanks to Folk Words and Tim Carroll for their review of String on String.

“Amy’s vivid voice is purely addictive, hear once, you want more’

‘Amy calls to mind Mary O’Hara in her relaxed, unfussy blending of harp and vocals… there are glancing hints to Kate Rusby in her husky vocals. Several of her songs solidly position her as a writer of promise’ 

Thanks to Michael Quinn of Songlines magazine for his review of my album


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Delighted Deirdre Cronin of Irish Music Magazine has reviewed my Debut Album,

‘A great album. McAllister’s singing voice is also very special, seven great songs giving rich and lovely testament to that, across a concept CD that shapes a thematic exploration of love in musicality, including three of Amy’s compositions.’

‘Amy possesses a distinctive vocal identity, with an attractive tone that also incorporates a pronounced ornamented vibrato. She brings a charismatic lilt to any song she sings. Her harp solos are deliciously sprung’

Thanks to David Kidman of Fatea for his review


Thanks to Liam Wilkinson Of Northern Sky Magazine for his through and appreciative review of my debut album “An album which explores Celtic music with equal measures of sincerity, dexterity and serenity. Each song showcases Amys’ delicately vernal vocals.”